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We are happy to recommend the online courses by Jenny Ueberberg and Malte Helmhold from the website pilots team for the topics Facebook and Google ADS as well as for Google My Business.


Facebook advertisements

Do you want to get started with Facebook? Then this is the right online course from Malte Helmhold for you! Here you will learn in over 73 videos how to set up a Facebook Pixel, create successful advertising campaigns and increase the CTR. Extensive knowledge for self-employed website owners, shop owners and bloggers.

EUR 97 .--
plus VAT. (*)


Google Ads full course

This detailed video course with Malte Helmhold is practically self-financing! In his Google Ads Complete Course 2020 you will learn how to create a profitable Google Ads campaign step by step, fill it with all the important information and effectively win new customers. Create optimized advertisements for your target group and thus achieve a competitive advantage over your competition.

EUR 249 .--
plus VAT. (*)


Google Tag Manager

With this course from Malte Helmhold you will become a Google Tag Manager professional. Learn how to use tags, triggers and variables to incorporate conversion tracking for Analytics & Google Ads on your site.

EUR 97 .--
plus VAT. (*)


Google My Business

In Jenny Ueberberg's Google My Business course, you will learn how to create a company entry step by step, fill it with important information and effectively win new customers. Become more visible in the local search and gain a competitive advantage over your competition

EUR 69 .--
plus VAT. (*)

The trainers of the online courses:


Malte Helmhold

Online marketers, YouTubers, podcasters


Jenny Uberberg

Online Marketing Strategist and Instagram Expert 

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