Webinar / online course

Build your own website based on wix.com

Do you want to set up your website yourself based on the online software Wix.com? Then this basic training is perfect for you!

In the basic course "Getting started with the online software wix.com" you will learn:

We show you on a sample website:

  • Registration process: from the dashboard to the website

  • Structure of the working window

  • Editing the navigation

  • Insertion and maintenance of articles

  • Inserting links and anchors

  • Uploading and editing images

  • "Stripes" design element

  • Insert function "PDF"

  • Blog function

  • Optimize mobile display

  • Maintenance of the SEO map

  • Unsubscribe process

Organizational matters:

How long does the course last?

90 minutes are planned.

When does the next course take place?

We can set the date individually for you. Register with two suggested dates - and maybe there will be one that fits and will then be confirmed to you.

Can I get a recording of the training?

Gladly. Please let us know about this with your request.

Are there any training materials?

Yes, you will receive a PDF with the key information from the webinar including bonus material with tips for a strong marketing concept for your website.


Thank you very much for the great training and saving my email address. I particularly liked how uncomplicated and helpful you were in helping me. You can really explain it in such a way that a layperson understands how it works. I would love to come back to your great service! Greetings from Switzerland.

Claudia Fischer


Your trainer Emily Paersch

Course fee

EUR 95.--

They are interested?