Video consultation

You're sitting at your computer or laptop and can't get any further. Now go "somewhere" to solve the problem? Or write an email and hope that it will be answered quickly? It's a lot easier: Simply use our video consultation service and let your problems been solved quickly and easily.

Your appointment in the video consultation

Solve problems personally

Sure, you can send an email and ask your questions. But maybe one aspect remains unclear. Then you have to ask back and wait for the answer. It can be done faster: PlusPoint for the video consultation!

Watch together

Exchange ideas together and look at the corresponding documents, flyers or websites right away. This is the strength of the video consultation, because with the screen split, the conversation partner can (after approval!) Be able to see the other screen. Another plus point.

"Take a seat"

You need your computer and an internet connection. Please use GOOGLE CHROME as your internet browser. Then a webcam (directly in the laptop or external) and a headset (or speakers and micro from the laptop). And with the appointment confirmation via email, you will receive a link to the video consultation, the virtual meeting room  . You can read about the handling of data protection in the data protection declaration: As a user, you do not have to download or install any additional programs! Plus point for the simplicity!

  • Register using the contact form below with your questions and a suggested appointment.

  • You will then receive confirmation of your preferred date or we will suggest an alternative date. In addition, we will send you a link for the video consultation. You then only have to click on this link at the agreed office hours so that you can go directly to our "virtual meeting table".

  • The video consultation hour is billed according to the time spent together (in 15 min units). The smallest order unit is one hour (EUR 30). The first 15 minutes are free for first-time customers.

  • Now you also make your computer clear (Internet connection, if possible LAN cable and no WLAN use, headset, webcam) and activate the Chrome browser for the LINK for the video consultation. See you then!

How do you order your video consultation?

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The >> data protection declaration informs you about the handling of your personal data, in particular with regard to the video conference software Jitsi Meet

In the form field marked with an (*), we absolutely need your data entry.

See you soon in the video consultation!

We look forward to you!