Computer help

Does your laptop or computer have a life of its own and you don't know why? Do you want to work more actively with your PC and are you looking for training? Do you want to use the advantages of internet telephony for yourself and need support? Welcome to our computer help.

What we do for our customers (especially private customers)  u.a. already allowed to implement:


  • Support for (as an alternative to Microsoft Office)

  • Support for Microsoft Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel

  • Training for (as an alternative to Photoshop)

  • Training in the use of programs and the computer

  • Scanning of documents (incl. text recognition for translations)

  • Setting up e-mail accounts

  • Setup help for programs

  • Clean up / extinguishing help

  • Backup data from smartphone to an external hard drive



  • Setting up Ubuntu (as an alternative operating system to Windows)

  • Help with moving the domain and setting up a new email account

  • Basic and advanced courses 


  • Recommendations and setup support for antivirus solutions

  • VPN Virtual Private Network

  • Internet telephony

Virtual Secretariat / Virtual Assistant:

  • Scanning of documents (including text recognition as a basis for translations)

  • Printing documents and mailing

  • Sending of evidence (mobile phone photo or scan) via e-mail to authorities and utility companies as well as help with queries

Andreas Paersch is yours   Contact person for questions about computer help


In 2003 he programmed the first website for customers himself - a lot of knowledge about computers has accumulated over the years. Many years of independence - there were always new tasks that were not part of the core area of ​​the company that was previously intended. Last but not least, the experiences from moving to another location over the years, which have always placed completely new demands on you.


We want to pass this knowledge on to you so that you can solve your tasks more easily and have more time to work with your customers.


Keyword arrival:
You live so far away from me
, Mr. Paersch"

Even long distances can be covered without having to travel with the help of modern "technology".  So we can meet comfortably via screen sharing (webinar / internet conference): You only need internet access for your laptop or computer as well  a headset (or speakers and microphone). And then we can talk about your questions about the computer and solve the problem.

Our range:

  • timely help via telephone, e-mail,  split screen.  

  • Online courses as well as on-site training, 1:1 or in small groups

  • Regular tips via newsletter

  • Instructions in short films on the Youtube channel 

What does it cost
the computer help?

Get to know each other and describe the problem

This first phase of computer help is always free of charge

Telephone support

The time required will be charged at EUR 20.-- / hour. The smallest unit is half an hour, as it has been shown that many IT questions can be solved in this time window. Any additional time required will be calculated in 15 minute units.

On-site help
Let's talk on the phone and clarify whether the problem can be solved via screen splitting. If you want me to come to you, we have to check whether you live "around the corner" or whether a flat-rate fee is required due to the length of the journey.


You will receive an invoice from us after the support appointment, which you can pay via bank transfer or PayPal account.

The great thing for you:
Let's talk about your computer problem first!

You are currently being slowed down by a "technical" problem and can no longer make progress on your own. Report by phone or email and describe exactly where "the shoe pinches". Then we will exchange ideas and I will show you a solution. And only when we connect via screen sharing (e.g. with ZOOM, JitsiMeet, Teamviewer, pcvisit, ...) will I bill you for my working hours.

So - I'm looking forward to your contact: