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At the beginning there is your decision to familiarize yourself with a new subject area and to build up knowledge! Congratulations - that's really good! And we, as your trainers, want to use our training courses to ensure that you retain your curiosity and positive energy to stick with it.

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Websites with Wix

We support you with a basic course as well as a course for advanced learners

Websites with Jimdo

A special course for every requirement: basics, advanced, web shop, layout and for Dolphin

Online marketing

SEO for your website, marketing coaching for better positioning, GDPR General Data Protection Regulation, newsletter with MailJet

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Noch mehr Unterstützung für Ihre Marketing-Arbeit

EUR 95 .--

Webseiten mit Wix aufbauen

Build the website on
Basic course

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EUR 95 .--

Fortgeschrittenenkurs Wix

Improve the website on
Advanced course

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EUR 95 .--

Ins Notizbuch schreiben

Jimdo Creator website
Basic course (Jimdo course I)

With your click you will be taken to the course description on the Jimdo Creator website of your trainer Andreas Paersch:


Your learning impulse I:
Awaken the spirit of research. Be ready.

Stay in a positive mood and get to know the new in small steps. As self-employed, we know this. We, too, have already familiarized ourselves with some of the new software solutions and made our mistakes in the process. But that's a good thing and you go “one round further” strengthened. And if a feeling of being overwhelmed should arise: Time to take a break and / or maybe to practice a work step again. That will!

EUR 145 .--

Jimdo Online Coaching

More power for your Jimdo Creator website
Advanced course (Jimdo course II)

With your click you will be taken to the Jimdo Creator website of your trainer Andreas Paersch:

"I can recommend coaching with Andreas Paersch to anyone who wants to create their own website, but wants professional support. He gave me a lot of useful tips, including on Jimdo software, website design and SEO. After the website check, I saw my website with completely different eyes, namely much more from the perspective of my customers. I learned how a website should look in terms of content and appearance so that it really appeals to the target group and the customers are in good hands feel." C HRISTINE Mees of


EUR 55 .--


Jimdo Creator WebShop
Basic course (Jimdo course III)

With your click you will be taken to the course description on the Jimdo Creator website of your trainer Andreas Paersch:


EUR 95 .--

Website-Booster für Ihre Jimdo Creator Website

Immediate design help for more success
Your Jimdo Creator website

Advanced course (website booster)

EUR 95 .--


Jimdo Dolphin website
Basic course (Jimdo course IV)

With your click you will be taken to the course description on the Jimdo Creator website of your trainer Andreas Paersch:


EUR 95 .--


SEO: getting started with optimizing your website
Basic course


Your learning impulse II:
Recognize structures. 
And do.
How do you want - only more blatant.

In our training courses, you should learn which “adjusting screws” you have to turn in order to achieve the desired result. For this purpose, the basics are imparted, but also the reference to the overall framework is always made. For example, if you get to know the function of captions & alternative text in the “Jimdo Creator Website” course, you can then use what you have learned to optimize your website for the search engines. Or the “Creator Coaching” course, in which many of the factors that affect a “homepage” are virtually rediscovered by the participant and actively incorporated into the schedule for maintaining the website.


NEW level SEO
Online course on elopage by Finn Hildebrandt,


EUR 850 .--

Marketing Strategie erarbeiten

Value-added strategy for your self-marketing
Coaching with Andreas Paersch

Focus your offer on your desired customers and pick them up when you face your challenges.

"I had booked a two-day marketing coaching with Andreas Paersch and I traveled there. The topics that interested me: positioning, offers and adapting the website. But it turned into a lot. Andreas and his wife Emily gave everything , not only in the knowledge that was well conveyed, but also in terms of hospitality. We had a strong, active coaching period, after which nothing was like before for me. "  ...Continue reading


EUR 185 .--

Newsletter mit MailJet versenden

Set up the Mailjet newsletter
Advanced course


EUR 249 .--

DSGVO Masterkurs von Lawlikes

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
Lawlikes' master's course

The course takes you by the hand step by step and guides you through the jungle of the GDPR. The goal: to make your business GDPR-safe.

The great thing for you:

You pay no extra charge for this course due to our recommendation

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Your learning impulse III:
Helping people help themselves

Our main concern is to prepare a good foundation for you, which you can then build on yourself later. We will certainly be happy if you entrust us with individual detailed tasks in order to relieve you of the burden. It is important, however, that you yourself are able to master your tasks with the knowledge you have learned.

And if you still have a question or are facing a new challenge, please get in touch: 

>> V ideo consultation with the Paersch's .

EUR 45 .--

Bilder sortieren

Effective work with the image editing program Gimp
Basic course


Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager & Google My Business
Online courses from our affiliate partner

Window Shopping

Website with WordPress: from the first steps to SEO
Online courses from our affiliate partner

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