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VPN: digital privacy and
Online Safety

More security when "moving" on the Internet every day? And leave only as many "tracks" as absolutely necessary? Then a VPN is a good solution - and here I rely on products from nordvpn .

A VPN is software that you have installed on your computer. This creates a secure connection (also called a "tunnel") from your computer to the Internet. In addition, your data traffic is encrypted as well as your IP address (i.e. the "identifier" with which you log on to the Internet).

Advantages of a VPN connection:​

  • Digital privacy and online security

  • Change of virtual location
    (including to avoid geoblocking)

  • Surf the Internet without restrictions


The great thing for you: You don't pay any extra for this recommendation!

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And what does it cost?

Price per month from EUR 2.97 when taking out a 2-year package
( The price on the NordVPN website always applies to your order )

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