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Finally more sales with your business letters


Get 60% more customers with your e-mails and business letters now!

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Simone Domahs is a thoroughbred sales copywriter and book author. For 12 years she has been following her mission to connect German and international entrepreneurs with the right words with their desired customers.

When the Dresden woman is not in the middle of writing, she devours books, the Dresden forest air or the Baltic wind of her native island of Usedom blow around her nose.

What is waiting for you as a reader:

Chapter 1: Clearing out ancient phrases

Chapter 2: Lure with head cinema

Chapter 3: How to tailor the text of the letter to your customers

Chapter 4: ignite the sales turbo!

Chapter 5: The right letter structure as the icing on the cake

Chapter 6: The most important rules of the DIN 5008 standard

Chapter 7: The mandatory legal information in your business mail

Chapter 8: Guest Posts

Chapter 9: The grand finale

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