Interpreting Hungarian-German

Erzsebet Balazcs: interpreter, caretaker, tour guide


If there is a problem with the language ...

Are you new in Hungary and just starting out with the language?

You have to make an appointment by phone, but you don't speak Hungarian yet?

Are you desperately trying to understand the text on a website whose "secrets" cannot be deciphered due to the Hungarian language?

We are so happy that we met Elisabeth, who helped us with her high level of expertise and incredible energy.

We are grateful to work with her.

If you are looking for a competent interpreter, please contact Erzsebet Balazs. You too will be amazed by her.



  • Hungarian (mother tongue)

  • German


Offers :


  • Translation of texts for "Homepage", Facebook fan pages, newsletters, ..

  • Translation of brochures, product catalogs, ...

  • Translation letters

  • Translation of certificates and documents

  • Interpreting (by telephone) e.g. for: registration of the residents' registration office, re-registration of vehicles, health insurance, visits to the doctor, hospital stays, craftsmen ...

  • Special: city tours

Are you now looking for support in your task?

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