Your life in a book

Your own biography - the best gift for yourself and your descendants

Life is what happens to us while we have decided on something completely different, ”summarizes the writer Henry Miller. “Memories is the only paradise from which we cannot be driven,” says the German narrator Jean Paul. The intersection, the story of one's own life, is a valuable gift.


Everyone has their own story and this is so individual, so multifaceted that it is worth recording. Tell your story. I have made it my business to provide you with tailor-made support in creating your biography. In doing so, I have thought out different ways to solve both smaller and more extensive tasks for you.


My motivation to support you in your personal search for traces is not to understand dealing with your own past as an unpopular pastime, but rather as a future-oriented review of what you have experienced.

Guide "Spurensuche"

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Thinking about writing your bio but not sure how to start? Would you like some writing tips and hints on how to develop your central theme?

My guide "Spurensuche" of clues tells you what preparations you can make to create your memories step by step.


A detailed questionnaire provides helpful information on content design. It also includes some writing advice, various text samples, and a brief history of the autobiography.

For now this guide is only available in German.



To support you in your book project, I have put together various offers - from editing and manuscript creation to complete book production.

Editing: your text put to the test
Have you already written down your memoirs, but would like to have them checked in terms of content and form? I would be happy to examine your manuscript for gaps in understanding of the content, carry out extensive proofreading and help you to turn your biography into an entertaining reading.


Manuscript drafting
Do you find it difficult to write and need professional help? The best way to review your own life is through narrative memory. In several conversations you tell - stimulated by gentle questions - about your life. On the basis of these conversations, the manuscript of your life story is created in my biography workshop.


Layout service
Your manuscript has been written and corrected, the final version of the text has been completed and you would like to have composed it together with your photos into a beautiful work of art? If you need help designing your book, please contact me. I present your story in a visually profitable way.


Video consultation

You want to work with me for an hour (or longer ...) and talk about your biography project. Then book a time slot in my video pitch hour:

Emily Paersch