Emigrate to Hungary

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You want to emigrate to Hungary or have only been there for a short time. You are looking for a service provider who not only does certain work for you, but who is also available to answer any questions. Let us help you! Benefit from our experience of changing your place of residence and relocating your business location from Germany to Hungary.


Contact us and get to know us in a phone call or a meeting via computer ("webinar"). In the following we have put together a few inspirations for your work relief. And if your question wasn't there - be sure to send us a message - we are curious about it.

knowledge transfer:

The virtual information talk

computer help

The computer "leads a life of its own", new programs are to be installed, German landline telephone number in Hungary, VPN tunnel....

Hungarian German

Competent interpreter service

Kissen und Decke auf der Couch