Old hands know how it works!

As an internet agency, we support you in these tasks:


Internet and computer help

Do you need a website that you can maintain yourself after creation and that does not cost a fortune? We deliver the "turnkey" carefree package that meets modern functional and design requirements and can be further updated by you after a short training session.

Your computer no longer does what it should. You want to use VoIP (Internet Telephony) but don't know how. Are you looking for tips on how to simplify your work on the computer:

Training and support

You want to gain knowledge in an online training course. We have prepared a lot for you. Browse through our course program:

You want to show us a document or a website on your computer. Or meet with us without having to go anywhere.

Come to the

Texts and

You don't have it with writing and don't know how to describe yourself and your achievements authentically and effectively?

High-quality content tailored to the desired target group is our hobbyhorse.

Everyone has their own story and this is so individual, so multifaceted that it is worth recording. Tell your story.

OnlineWerkstatt Paersch am Balaton

Summer Academy at Lake Balaton

Are you self-employed or run a small business? Do you urgently need your own online presence that presents your valuable offer and differentiates it from your competitors?  Perhaps you have already been on the market with your products and services for some time and want to update your website in terms of content and graphics? Our suggestion: Take eight days, recharge your batteries in a wonderful holiday region and use the summer tailwind for your new website.


To listen

is much more

than to hear.

Benefit from a total of 50 years of professional experience. Concentrated know-how from marketing, copywriting, web design, research, analysis & controlling as well as advice on the subject of data protection. We make all of this available to you as a power package.

Our curiosity ensures that we always stay on the ball and follow current trends without chasing after every stick. We have seen many trends come and go and so developed a good feel for the market. We have accompanied numerous entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries and tested many ideas, techniques and procedures for suitability.

We know how difficult the beginning can be, have learned to persevere when it gets difficult. We took some detours, but also discovered many shortcuts.

Conclusion: We are not young hops, but old hands. We've learned to listen, and that's exactly why we know what we're talking about.

News, tips & hints

Our office

at Lake Balaton

Why not, we said to ourselves, because we literally fell in love with "the country and its people".

In Somogyvár, around half an hour from Fonyod on Lake Balaton, we have found a house "with a heart", where we have been living and working since mid-March 2020.


And what about the Hungarian?

Yes, we want to learn the Hungarian language. And we would like to apologize to all Hungarians if this should take a little longer with us: Your language really has it all!

Internetes ügynökségként  abban segítünk Önnek, hogy minél  tobb szabadideje maradjon.  Levesszük a válláról a gondokat. Profitáljon 50 éves szakmai tapasztalatunkból, széles körű ismereteinkből! Újságírás, weblap-szerkesztés, online keresés az interneten, analízis és ellenőrzés, valamint teljeskörű marketing  >>